How to increase Adsense Earnings 2013

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Google adsense work's on the principle of pay per click function.This is the best way to earn online revenue.So what to think when you have got fully approved from adsense.i think you should expect more revenue from Google adsense.

Here you will find some tips of Google Adsense earnings.If you havent joined Google adsense program,Then join up first Click here.

5 Tips to be happy with Google adsense:-

Measure traffic:-

Make clear stats for your website/blog For e.g:Unique visits and page views per day on your website/blog and the bounce rate of your blog with the help of Google Analytics.make a file with your data and analyze according to your requirement.

E.x:-Bounce rate:100% (100% from 120 Persons are going from your website/blog)so make it less and make visitors to stay on your website/blog.

Cost Per Click(CPC):-

Cost Per Click(CPC) is the term that is used in online marketing with Return on investment(ROI).If you will have more cpc ad's then you can earn more.CPC depend on the niches of your website/blog.So choose high quality niches with less competition.To earn more from Google adsense. 

Ad placement/layout:-

For higher revenue from adsense the placement/layout play's a major role in adsense program.So make a layout of a website/blog and measure the impression and clicks through your adsense account.And finally finalize the best block to place the ad's to earn more revenue.

Mobile ads:-

Here is the another way to earn more income from adsense with mobile ad's.Responsive earn more than a normal website/blog.Go get a responsive theme to make it possible with the latest device's explect the Computer machine's.Make a impression to show your Google ads with a responsive design through a mobile/Gadget's.

Enable text/image ads:-

Advertiser's are willing to pay you on rich media ad's.Google adsense display's the ad's from the higher bidder.This can be done by enabling text/imag ad's to increase more revenue from google adsense.

Choose right format:-

The advertiser's are also willing to pay more revenue for large size ad's,so the click on a large unit can be worth much more than a smaller unit.

The top4 units according to Google adsense:-

  • 336x280 Large Rectangle.
  • 300x250 Medium Rectangle.
  • 160x600 Wide Skyscraper.
  • 728x90 Leader board
Another successful format is 468x15 horizontal ad links that can be placed under the navigation bar.

This ad units bring you high revenue from Google Adsense.
These tips are only for implementation and tell other's blogger's to read it.

Happy Blogging :)